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Soul Care

We are all created by God with a unique Spirit, Soul, and Body. How we take care of those things is what we call "Soul Care." Let's dive into how the Bible teaches us to take care of ourselves.

Strings Attached

God’s LOVE for us is Un-Conditional… But, by looking at Scripture, we often find that His PROMISES are Conditional. In this series, we look into how to take full advantage of the Promises God has for us!

Summer at Crossroads

Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, & Make a Difference - That's what we're all about!

Beyond the Rules

Discovering the meaning behind the 10 Commandments! What do they really mean and how do they apply to our lives, now?

Come and See

It's the greatest story ever told! What does Jesus actually mean to you? Come and See.

Ready, Set, Go

Whenever we are in a season where we are taking new territory for God, we have to Get Ready, Get Set, and Go into Action.

The Four Chairs

What are your REAL Priorities? This series is a challenge to evaluate your priorities and Get Life In ORDER.

It's UnComplicated

Lots of things in life are Complicated, but our approach to living a God-Centered, God-Empowered Life doesn't have to be.

7 Days of Prayer

Prayer works and prayer is life-changing! In this message, we talk about having 7 days of prayer to start off 2023 on the right, God-centered note!

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