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So, you're interested in Water Baptism?

We’re so excited to help you take this step!

At Crossroads, Every 4th Sunday is Baptism Sunday!

Why Should I Get Baptized?

1. Following Jesus is doing what Jesus did, and Jesus got baptized.

This one is pretty simple. If we’re going to be Jesus followers, we should do what Jesus did – and Jesus was baptized. (Matthew 3:13-17)

2. Following Jesus is doing what Jesus says.

Jesus told us to baptize people. (Matthew 28:19-20) We want to proclaim Jesus as our leader, so out of our love for Him, we obey Him and do what He asks.

3. Following Jesus is showing Jesus to people.

Baptism is a symbolic act, proclaiming what what Jesus did for us. There’s nothing magic about the water, but there’s something powerful about Obedience and Publicly Declaring our Faith. Baptism isn’t about washing off physical dirt (1 Peter 3:21), but symbolizes the healing and washing that Jesus has done and will do in our lives. At Crossroads, we believe it’s Jesus who does the washing, not the water. This bold public symbol shows off what only Jesus can do.

Need More Info?

If you want to learn more about Baptism, click the button below to let us know.

One of our Pastors will reach out to you, and walk you through the process.

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